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Bitcoin Jumper - Premium Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator

What is Bitcoin Jumper?

Bitcoin Jumper is a premium Bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to speed up your unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions. Simply enter the transaction hash/ID (TXID) of your transaction and click the paid accelerate button or the free accelerate button.

If paid accelerate is requested you will be presented with a Bitcoin address and the amount required to speed up your transfer. Once our system has detected the correct amount has been received your order will be immediately processed.

If you requested our free Bitcoin accelerator service your request will be processed on submission.

How does your Bitcoin transaction accelerator work?

Bitcoin Jumper currently submits your Bitcoin transaction to 292 partner mining nodes (paid service) and 11 broadcast nodes with our free option.

Paid Accelerate:

With paid submission your transaction will be manually added to be confirmed by one of our partner mining nodes. The fee for this special inclusion into one of the next blocks means you'll need to pay above the current miner processing rate for BTC/kB. This miner fee is automatically calculated for you to make sure you only pay what is needed.

Please note that to ensure a successful submission to our mining partners; it's imperative to send the entire requested Bitcoin fee in a single transaction. Otherwise you partial payment will be lost and cannot be refunded.

>292 Partner Bitcoin Mining Nodes
Bitcoin transaction accelerator

Free Accelerate:

With free submission you only need to submit it once and our app will resubmit your transaction every 15 minutes to the broadcast nodes automatically until confirmed. This is what makes our free BTC accelerator so powerful and user friendly.

What is a Bitcoin transaction hash/ID (TXID)?

Transaction IDs (TXID) or hash IDs are basically an identification number for a bitcoin transaction. A Bitcoin TXID is always 32 bytes (64 characters) and hexadecimal.

Here are some examples of a Bitcoin transaction hash/ID format:

Where can I find the Bitcoin transaction hash/ID (TXID)?

The way to find your Bitcoin transaction hash/ID or TXID can differ depending on what (d)app or website you've used to initiate the transfer. You should be able to check the status or information of the "stuck" transaction in your (d)app. Your (d)app or websites information status screen should indicate a Bitcoin transaction hash/ID (TXID). That public ID is what our app requires to speed up your transaction and it can be entered into the field indicated above.

How long until my Bitcoin transaction confirms with your transaction accelerator?

The confirmation time for your transaction, post using our transaction accelerator, varies due to factors like network congestion, transaction fees, and mining pool participation. Although our accelerator strives to expedite confirmation times, a precise time frame is uncertain.

Usually, transaction accelerators aim to secure confirmation within the upcoming few blocks. Yet, this hinges on mining resources and the network's condition. Their role is to enhance the likelihood of faster confirmation times but not to assure a precise confirmation time.

What is the frequency of calculating the paid accelerate fee?

The calculation and subsequent update of the paid fee for utilizing our Bitcoin transaction accelerator occur consistently and reliably at intervals of 15 minutes, ensuring that the current fee structure remains accurate and reflective of the prevailing market conditions.

Why does it take so long to confirm my Bitcoin transaction?

When you're experiencing delays in confirming your Bitcoin transaction, it's important to understand the underlying mechanisms at play within the Bitcoin network. One primary factor contributing to these delays is the network's capacity being stretched thin due to high user activity. Bitcoin operates on a decentralized system where transactions are grouped into blocks, and these blocks have a maximum size limit set by the protocol, typically around 4MB. As more users engage with the network, the demand for transaction processing increases, often surpassing the network's capacity to handle them swiftly.

So, in essence, your transaction is queued up, waiting for its turn to be included in the next available block for confirmation. This waiting period can vary depending on several factors, such as the congestion level of the network and the priority assigned to your transaction.

Moreover, miners, who play a crucial role in verifying and adding transactions to the blockchain, prioritize transactions with higher transaction fees. This is because miners are incentivized to include transactions that offer them greater rewards. Consequently, transactions with lower fees may take longer to get processed as they compete for limited space within each block.

The cumulative effect of these factors is a backlog of transactions awaiting confirmation, which can lead to delays ranging from minutes to hours or even longer during periods of intense network activity. In extreme cases, the backlog can result in thousands of transactions being delayed, further exacerbating the waiting times for users.

Therefore, while Bitcoin offers a decentralized and secure means of transferring value, the trade-off is that during peak usage times, users may experience delays in transaction confirmations due to the inherent limitations of the network's infrastructure and the prioritization strategies employed by miners.

How can I make sure my next Bitcoin transaction happens faster?

When the Bitcoin network has a surge in transactions this can lead to extremely slow confirmation times. This could also lead to loss of profits during time sensitive trades. It's always recommended to use a higher miner fee when sending your Bitcoin but sometimes the slow transaction times can be unexpected and frustrating.

Next time try using a Bitcoin fee chart before transferring. By sending your Bitcoin using more than the current average fee this will greatly improve your chances of getting a fast confirmation.

Privacy statement: Bitcoin Jumper creators assure that they respect your privacy. There are no logs or cookies on the platform.

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